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Workshop Notes
A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow
1877 corset XI 
26th of April of 2008, 19:18
1877 corset

Crappy Prym setter...

Today I've been setting grommets (the most annoying part, especially since I don't have an awl...) because I wanted to try the corset before finishing to see if I have to make adjustments. I do..

I set the busk too low, I think. The back digs in a bit, and the front bulges out too much, so the pattern should be modified here. The breast is a little bit tight. For this corset I think I'll just take it in a little. It is a bit too long when I sit, so I will have to cut it at bit at the front...
It still gives the right shape, so it will do for undergarment. But I want to repeat it, because I have learnt a lot of things from this one, and I think I can make it a lot better. I am thinking a double layer, since at least this coutil is quite thin (and I washed it). But I don't know if the wrinkles are due to that, or due that I didn't cut with them on grain to the waist, or any other reason.

Here I am pulling it in a bit.

There is supposed to be a hook and eye there at the top. And the edges are uneven...

I didn't set the top three grommets since they will go over the lace.
And I think I made the back a little too high, seems a bit out of proportion.

Yesterday I did a few things differently on the second half of the corset. I didn't zig-zag the edges of the seam allowances to reduce bulk. Where there where two layers of seam allowances that had to be graded, I cut the underneath layer shorter than the top, so that they don't interfere when inserting the bones.

Right now, I think I am a bit tired of this sewing project. It is surprising for how many days it mantained me engaged, though. I wanted to finish it this weekend, but I think I will let it rest for a while and work in another (non sewing) project. But I am not allowed to work in another sewing project until I finish this one! I have decided (it was about time, really) that I won't start any new projects until I finish a few ones, because I have dozens of them started... I am a mess.

I feel a bit worse of my sickness today, so I think I am gonna rest for the rest of the day (apart from cleaning up my mess and trying to cut down a little on the huge pile of ironing)
26th of April of 2008, 17:46 (UTC)
For being your first corset project it looks a lot better than I actually expected.

It's seriously good, I've seen really horrible first works, believe me XD
26th of April of 2008, 17:49 (UTC)
Second ;) I don't think I ever posted the first.

Yeah me too xD
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