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30th of June of 2008, 11:56 - This journal has moved
Hello everyone.

I decided to merge my personal and workshop journals, since I rarely use my personal journal anyway, and I don't feel like keeping two.

Some people watch both of these journals, but some other have only this journal friended. Feel free then to friend my other journal if you still want to see my workshop posts. It is mostly what is gonna be there anyway. The journal is medvssa

See you around!
15th of June of 2008, 20:51 - Dinning table II
Last weekend Pim helped me sanding the rest of the table top. He did most of the work. After removing all of the varnish, he sanded it with a finer grit and no vacuum cleaner, and I picked up as much of the sawdust as possible. Then I mixed it with white glue and filled in cracks. I am still not finished doing this.

Today I've been working on the table all day. My hips hurt so much I can barely walk >_< I just took an anti-infflamatory and let's hope it works.

This is a text and picture heavy entryCollapse )

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Now I am off to take a warm, warm shower. Then I hope I still have enough energy left to clean up the mess, but I do not want to fuck up my hips even more, so we will see.
7th of June of 2008, 16:16 - More t-shirt painting.
I finished two more t-shirts.

Little bird on branch.


The model.

I have to let them dry completely, take better pictures (difficult with the little light there is around here for the last week) and put them on Etsy. I want to sell them fairly cheap.
I have another t-shirt, grey, to paint. It is gonna be more birds.

My wrist appears completely healed already.
6th of June of 2008, 13:00 - Poppies
I needed some instant gratification. To start something and finish it.

Inspired by the poppies I see these days in a train station on my way to work.
Hand painted poppies over light green t-shirt. It is a 6-7 year old t-shirt, I'll put it on Etsy soon. I have some other t-shirts to paint.

I hurted my hips again while sanding the table yesterday, so Pim is gonna have to finish the sanding...
And I just burned my wrist with boiling water while cooking. Oh joy.
5th of June of 2008, 12:55 - Dinning table
I've started working on the dining table again. I don't think I ever posted here about it? We started to sand it some months ago, the varnish was quite hard and difficult to sand off. I didn't want to use a varnish remover.

Today I sanded the rest of varnish from one third of the table (I'm dividing it in three parts to work on for three days) with a harsh grit, and then with a finer grit and no vacuum cleaner attached, as to collect some saw(?)dust to mix with white wood glue to fill in cracks later on. This was a tip from the clerk at the hardware store.

On a side note, the paid account for this journal expired some time ago (I still don't know why the automatic payment didn't work) and today I went to renew it for a year, I did... while I was logged in with my innershelter account :( stupid, stupid me. I've logged a help ticket and I hope this can be solved, I cannot afford to pay for another account, and for some reason this went back to an account with ads :/ And I can make absolutely no use of the benefits of a paid account in innershelter, it is completely useless.
I am having a terrible day, I shouldn't do anything remotely important when I'm like this.

Update: I got a refund!! :) now I have to remember tomorrow and purchase the subscription on this account.
29th of April of 2008, 12:16 - Weighing of the heart - setting
I've been working on this yesterday and today. Yesterday I soldered the rings and finished soldering the "walls" which still had some holes.
Today I saw(ed?) one of the frames out, filed, sanded, darkened (with flame) polished a bit with pumice stone, and tried to set the enamel in (I also put some glue as a reinforcement). This is the first time I attempt a bezel setting, and it has been many years since I've done any jewellery, as is apparent in the results :P

I think the sheet was maybe too high, and maybe too thick. Cannot get it down more than this (also afraid to break the enamel, which btw I chipped a little bit when insering the enamel...). Maybe I should file it a little bit? Hm, I have no clue.

This is the state of things at the moment. A bit blurry.

More picsCollapse )

Not too happy wiht this, obviously.
26th of April of 2008, 19:18 - 1877 corset XI
1877 corset

Crappy Prym setter...

Today I've been setting grommets (the most annoying part, especially since I don't have an awl...) because I wanted to try the corset before finishing to see if I have to make adjustments. I do..

Read more...Collapse )

Right now, I think I am a bit tired of this sewing project. It is surprising for how many days it mantained me engaged, though. I wanted to finish it this weekend, but I think I will let it rest for a while and work in another (non sewing) project. But I am not allowed to work in another sewing project until I finish this one! I have decided (it was about time, really) that I won't start any new projects until I finish a few ones, because I have dozens of them started... I am a mess.

I feel a bit worse of my sickness today, so I think I am gonna rest for the rest of the day (apart from cleaning up my mess and trying to cut down a little on the huge pile of ironing)
25th of April of 2008, 23:35 - 1877 corset X
1877 corset
Still home on sick leave. I worked a little on the corset, but nothing too exciting. Stitching the other half boning channels. Previous half was a little crappy, so I tried to find a way to make the lines straighter and in the right place. First I tried tape, I hated it.
Then I took the edge stitcher and saw that it is perfect as a guide:

There are other things I want to write down, but I am too tired right now, maybe tomorrow...
24th of April of 2008, 21:29 - 1877 corset IX
1877 corset
I am home on sick leave. Couldn't do much because I fall asleep (and I must, too ;P)

Today I basted the rest of the boning casings (for one half of the corset) ironed them to adapt to the curves, and stitched. My stitching is not straight. I think I could use one of those quilting guides because I find it difficult to keep the distance even, with no guide whatsoever.

Ironed around cup.

Waist tape, bones, flossingCollapse )
23rd of April of 2008, 12:38 - 1877 corset VIII
1877 corset
Today I ripped the boning casing I sew over the weekend, because it was 3 cm wide and too narrow. Today I tried 3.5 cm which worked very well, so I ironed the rest of the strips at 3.5 cm. I am now basting more strips, but running out of time already, so I don't know if I will have time to do much more.

With the bones in

more picsCollapse )
21st of April of 2008, 12:21 - Sewing closet
This is a very boring entryCollapse )
15th of April of 2008, 12:43 - Coutil dyeing (1877 corset VII)
Today I dyed the boning channels

PicsCollapse )

To keep a bit of track. I made a strong tea of 2 bags of yellow label tea and 4 of camomile. This didn't seem enough so I made another tea with one yellow label tea bag and 3 more camomile bags. Level of water in my container as shows in the pic (3, 4 liters of water?)
15th of April of 2008, 10:57 - Singer 15-88 bobbin pin
I've just received the bobbin pin that _siddal_ bought for me in the US. Now the machine is complete :D

Thank you Robin :)
14th of April of 2008, 12:21 - 1877 corset VI
1877 corset
Saturday and Sunday I basted and stitched the panels togheter. I still have to stitch over it a second time. I also stitched besides the busk for the bones that go there, and cut a couple to insert.
Today I cut the bias strips for the boning channels. I still have to dye these.
I am having pretty bad health these last days and because of this I am not being very productive or comunicative. I went to the swimming pool Sunday with my boyfriend and want to keep up with it to see if it will alleviate the pain.

In progress

Boning/BiasCollapse )
10th of April of 2008, 20:15 - 1877 corset V
Today I worked the morning shift, so I worked a little in the corset this afternoon.

It's all going into a cut to spare everyone. I want to keep detailed track of what I am doing...Collapse )

Now I'm starting to baste the panels togheter.... this is going to take forever. I suck at it, and no matter how careful I am, my sewing allowances are never perfect to use as a guide...
9th of April of 2008, 11:02 - Coutil dyeing (1877 corset IV)
1877 corset
Today I ironed out the pieces after dyeing them on Saturday:

I first dyed them in a light tea bath, but the color was a bit too dirty. So I gave them a second bath in a strong chamomile tea. The result is a bit more yellow and exactly what I was looking for. I don't know if this dye is more or less permanent though... but I don't care much. The result is not entirely uniform, which is gonna make it look like an antique :) I like the contrast with the white lace, but I am still considering dyeing it veeery lightly so that it is not nuclear white. The fabric underneath is the white coutil for reference.

Continued 12:35

I've inserted half of the busk. After three immersions in water and air drying, the busk presented no rust. I decided to insert it leaving this first coutil layer inside, since it is a one layer corset, to give more body.

I worked with the wheel most of the time. I don't trust myself with the treadle that much yet.

More picsCollapse )
7th of April of 2008, 12:43 - Singer 306K
For those of you that are not yet running away screaming from my sewing machine posts ;P yet another one.

More here...Collapse )

There is so little light here lately that the pictures suck...
5th of April of 2008, 21:11 - 1877 corset III
Today I continued with the corset. I made a mock-up with the strong "Bull Denim" I ordered from Vena Cava. I took the pattern as is and only added what I already added on the previous mock-up to the hips. I also added the higher back. Basically what I altered from the previous pattern is to leave the chest as is (bigger that on the previous mock-up then)
I used eyelet tape for the laces and hook and eye tape for the front opening, I boned the back next to the laces and one of the side seams, but still the front wrinkled too much, so I sew the already inserted busk on top of it, and this worked, but it is difficult to see anything in the pictures with so much fabric in the way. I then made a few adjustments, took in a little at the top of the "cup" for the breast, making it more cupped than the original flared shape, took in a piece of the side front at the hips, and basically that is it. The pattern needed very little alteration apart from adding about 8 cm total to the hips.

The pictures of the mock up are, as corresponds, very crappyCollapse )

The only (minor) problem I found in this pattern is that the waist is not marked. I tried to find the waist on the mock up by pulling on both sides of a half until I found the smallest part, and then marking a straight line with a ruler. I transfered this to the final pattern, and then I found out it approximates a lot to the 90° from the grainline:

At the line I marked as waist the pattern measures exactly 30cm (60 total) which is exactly what the pattern states as waist measurement, so I must not be so off :)

I pinned, marked (with hard, sharp pencil) and cut the pieces on the coutil:

I've always been a disaster when it comes to finding the grain. This fabric is dense, stiff, nice to work with. I paid a lot of attention to the grain (that the herringbone weave has these little stripes helps a lot, actually) so I hope this time I got it right.

I chose to cut the back panels double, folded at the edge. I figure the fabric folded is stronger than any seam can be. The grommets would have less fabric to grasp this way, so I think I'll add a strip of fabric in between.
This is a one layer corset (I am following the instructions on the pattern as much as possible) with the exception of the front and back panels, for obvious reasons... if not so obvious: busk, grommets and bones besides them must be inserted between two layers of fabric. The rest of the boning is inserted in external bone channels.

Here are the layers marked and in order, waiting for the tea dye. I didn't dye the fabric before cutting since the smaller pieces will be easier to handle (and dye in the sink) The sink is in use now (geez, I'm so hungry! it smells so nice!) but I hope to dye them today so I can continue tomorrow.

Btw, the busk rust-tests have turned out fine :) I have soaked and let it air dry twice now and there are no signs of rust. I think I will soak it a third time.
4th of April of 2008, 12:33 - 1877 corset II
Yes, I finally caved in and ordered the supplies ;P

Today I took a piece of coutil and inserted the busk. I wanted to do this for two reasons, first, practice, I've never inserted a spoon busk, which looks tricky because it is curved in both dimensions, and I've never used a zipper foot before, my previous machine didn't have one, and I am so glad this machine has one, since it helps, a lot. You can get very close to the edge :)

I forgot to take a pic as I was stitching but you get the idea

More about inserting the buskCollapse )

Second reason: rust tests. I want to be able to wash this corset, and I am unsure about the spoon busk. So...

...into the water it goes.

It is now drying, togheter with the lace and insertion silk ribbon that I also washed to pre-shrink/avoid bleeding (I added some vinegar to the silk ribbon). And some dye tests. You can also see my METAL top drying in the background *g*

Dyeing samples with tea, a mix of tea and coffee, and coffee:

Because if possible, I would like to dye the coutil an ivory tone. I was gonna dye the lace a little too, a softer shade, but I might let it white.
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